Sunday, January 31, 2010

A New Outlet

This new year has brought a flurry of activity. Everything seems to be speeding up: family activities, church responsibilities, work projects, and personal goals. While I am achieving more, I also need to take a moment to breathe every once in awhile and assess if what I am doing is actually worth all of the extra speed and pressure. And it wouldn't hurt to have a place to allow myself to revel in what I've accomplished, instead of immediately setting my sights on all I have yet to do.

So I thought I would fire up this blog to give vent to all of the things I've thought about posting but don't really have a place on our family blog. I guess this will be my journal while the other will be more my scrapbook. We'll see if it goes anywhere or if I delete it in 6 months, but whatever the outcome, it already feels nice just to have it.