Friday, December 30, 2022


Our timing to study Argentina was fantastic, as we just spent almost an entire month watching the 2022 Men's World Cup where Argentina (and Messi!) emerged victorious!

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For our food experience, I found a place that makes Argentinian empanadas called Fat Tummy Empanadas, so we went to check it out.  It was delicious!  We started off with a single empanada each, but they were so delicious that most of us went back for a second.  Our favorites were the traditional beef (ground beef with chopped up kalamata olives), the rajas con queso (poblano peppers with cheese and corn), and the Argentinian-style chorizo with eggs.  We also had the beef and potatoes and spicy chicken, which were also good.  At the end we brought home some of the sweet empanadas to bake and have as dessert.  We tried the dulce de leche (like a caramel filling), guava and cream cheese, apple, and pineapple.  Surprisingly, we liked the savory empanadas much more than the sweet ones, and later we found out that in Argentina, they don't really serve sweet ones anyway.

L to R: apple, dulce de leche, and guava & cream cheese