Saturday, August 22, 2020

Republic of Malta

Next up is the Republic of Malta.  This archipelago is situated in the Mediterranean Sea just south of Sicily (& therefore Italy).  As an island situated between Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, the influences of many different cultures have left their mark on the area.  It has a fascinating history that goes back to ancient times.

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19 Surprising Facts about Malta: - fun pics with interesting facts, although the Azure Window has since sadly collapsed.

18 Fun Facts about Malta: - cute little tidbits of info about the Maltese people and culture.

For our food adventures, we checked out a few options that were highlighted in that last video of foods to try.  The recipes we found for making cannoli (which is more Sicilian, anyway) and pastizzi seemed a little more involved than we felt up for at the moment.  So we gave these almond cookies a try. 

Our cookies spread out more than they were supposed to, but I think that was a combined factor of using home-blended raw almonds, granulated sugar, and just a touch too much lemon juice and vanilla.  But despite the different looks, these were super tasty cookies!  Chewy and not-to-sweet, the whole family loved them!

We also made some flatbread pizzas from scratch.

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