Friday, February 3, 2023


 This section of the world doesn't often get a lot of attention in school or in the news here in the United States.  So it was really neat to be able to learn some really cool facts about Armenia!  For example, did you know its capital Yerevan is one of the oldest cities in the world, even older than Rome?  They also have their own alphabet consisting of 36 letters.  It's a beautiful place we would love to visit!

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Here in Texas, they hold an Armenia Fest in October at the St. Sarkis Armenia Church in Carrollton.  It wasn't the right time of year for us to participate, but we did have fun reading through their trivia page.  And while we weren't able to find any Armenian restaurants near us, I was able to use this list of must-try Armenian foods to help me pick out some Armenian gata on Amazon to order.

The gata came much faster than expected, and it looked and tasted fresh and super yummy.  It is like a nice cream cheese danish, but less sweet.  We heated it up a bit in the microwave to freshen it up a bit, and it was absolutely delicious!

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