Sunday, October 31, 2021


 Next up was supposed to be Albania, if we were going to go in alphabetical order.  However, we have some wonderful neighbors who have a subscription to Universal Yums, and they shared over half of their snacks from the Indonesia box, along with the cool pamphlet and map.  So fun!!  We learned that Indonesia is made up of thousands and thousands of beautiful islands located between Southeast Asia and Australia with hundreds of different ethnic and linguistic groups.

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We had so much fun with the food, thanks to our generous friends who shared their snacks with us!  You can see some of the snacks on the Universal Yums Indonesian Snacks page.  We weren't a fan of the Matcha Chocolate Chip Cookies, but the Sweet & Spicy Chili Corn Nuts were a hit, as were the Strawberry Cow Gummies.

For our actual Indonesian dinner, we weren't able to find a solely Indonesian restaurant here in San Antonio.  Instead, we ordered Indomie instant noodles (Mi goreng flavor) from Amazon and found a recipe for chicken satay online at Allrecipes.  This particular recipe used ingredients that we had.  There were some more authentic recipes that we were interested in, but we weren't able to find Indonesian sweet soy sauce (kecap manis) or birds eye chilis locally, so we opted for the Allrecipes version.

The ramen was delicious!  If you use all of the seasoning packets (there are five!), it is quite spicy, but it is a more subtle burn that doesn't drown out the delicious flavor.

The satay was yummy, but the peanut sauce that goes on top is more of an acquired taste that my kids weren't crazy about.  There are so many other Indonesian foods I wish we could try (see here and here), but we had a blast with the ones that we did!

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