Saturday, December 11, 2021

Czechia (Czech Republic)

Our neighbors surprised us again with some fun snacks from Czechia left over from their Universal Yums box!  When I studied Czechia as a child, it was still part of Czechoslovakia, so it was fun to get to learn about what has happened since then and focus on the Czech culture.  Full of castles and old traditions, it sounds like a country we would love to visit!

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There were some fun and unusual (to us) flavor combinations in the Czechia snacks we received from our friends.  Our kids enjoyed the apple cinnamon gummy straws:

On the other hand, my favorite was the spicy mustard chips!

Coming home from an activity, we stumbled across Sasha's European Market and HAD to go in and check it out!  While it mostly carries Russian goods, they did have some sparkling water from Czechia that we purchased to go along with all of our snacks.

We were also lucky enough to find an authentic Czech restaurant!  A quick Google search turned up Little Gretel, which we had always thought was just a German restaurant.  Reading this article from the San Antonio magazine set us straight, and we were super excited to go! 

We ordered the Svickova (beef with bread dumplings - on the far left), spaetzle (center left), Bohemian herb roasted duck (top middle), Jaeger Schnitzel (bottom center), Czech potato salad (center right), and Bavarian meatloaf (far right).  It was all really delicious, and the kids even enjoyed the cabbage.

For dessert, we ordered Czech kolaches in all of the offered varieties: farmer's cheese and fruit, poppyseed, and plum jelly.  We divvied them up so that we each got to try every flavor.  We decided that we would be very happy eating in Czechia!

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